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STEM Challenges

Engage your students in challenges experienced-by and posed-by STEM professionals.


NOAA Design Challenge

The purpose of the NOAA Design Challenge is for students to research and design the most effective strategy for preventing or removing...


Maryland DNR Challenge: Brackish Water Protocols

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Challenge Description: Students will design a biological protocol to ascertain water quality in brackish...


NSA Challenge: Recycling for a Cleaner World

NSA Challenge: Students will develop a strategy to increase recycling and waste diversion for their school. To accomplish this challenge, students...


NSA Challenge: Design a Green Cleaning Program for Your School

NSA Challenge: Students will create a program for cleaning their school that utilizes earth and people friendly products and practices. This...


JHU APL Challenge: Creating Connectomes: Mapping the Mouse Brain

Challenge Description: In this challenge, students will identify neural synapses in the mouse brain using electron microscopy images. Students will...


Loyola University Challenge: Wireless Networks

Challenge Description: Students will increase the signal strength of a wireless network.  To boost the strength, students will design and build...